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Rivet Color Chart

Packaged in bags of 50 piece, 100 piece, or 1000 piece.

(Use of washers highly recommended with rivets)

Top Painted 1/8 Round Rivets

RVNAT Silver

RVT160 Brown

RVT304 Pastel Blue


RVT200 Red

RVT351 Pastel Green

RVT123 Yellow

RVT2577 Purple

RVT355 Green

RVT127 Pastel Yellow

RVT264 Lavender

RVT433 Black

RVT1505 Orange

RVT2935 Blue

RVT871 Gold

Top Painted 1/8 Round Rivets

RVA03 Brass

RVA52 Light Pink

RVA56 Pink

RVA51 Turquoise

RVA54 Blue


Our Plate-Let is a must when setting rivets.

It maintains the shape and character of your Rivet and Basic shaped Eye-lets, so they do not flatten with pressure when being set.




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