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Eyelets Etc. and participating stores/sites have developed a program to provide the best possible service to you, our customers. We, Eyelets Etc., recognize that it is not practical for PTC stores/sites to carry our entire product line. We also recognize that our customers want to buy products that the store/site of their choice does not stock. In answer to these problems, we have created the "Please The Customer" Program. We are confident that this program will allow the customer to get the products they want, while the stores/sites maintain a balanced inventory.
The Program:

Any product you see on the Eyelets Etc. website will be made available to you for purchase at participating "Please The Customer" stores/sites.
How it works:

If the store/site does not have the item(s) you are looking for in stock, they will be glad to order it for you. Alternatively, you may send an email to specifying the item(s). We will arrange for the product to be delivered to the PTC store you choose and ready for pick up in a timely manner.
Participating Stores/Sites

Look for this symbol on the Store Locator pages smiley

Note: Some stores/sites may ask for a deposit before accepting an order.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Eye-Lets Etc. or your local store/site if you have any further questions.


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Limited Warranty

Eye-Lets Etc., Inc. Spring-Let™ tool has a one year repair or replacement policy of
manufacturer defects with proof of receipt. If purchased in a store we ask that you return it
to place of purchase. Or, you may contact us by writing us at: or
Eye-lets Etc. Inc Consumer Services 18999 Mitchell Place Denver,CO 80249

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